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Tooth Loss Age Chart: Is Your Smile At Risk?

Parents usually ask for the tooth loss age chart from the dentist. You may be very concerned to help your child easily go through this life phase. However, you also need to take care of their health, digestion, and speech by taking care of their teeth.

The best dental clinics in the UK can help you resolve the most teeth issues. Commonly, we experience tooth loss throughout life, but your child will have a natural tooth loss.

When do you have your first tooth loss?

I had mine at age 3.  (I fell off the stairs… But my tooth regrew because I was a developing child).

You are not the baby to whom tooth loss age charts concerns. If you are a parent, read it on behalf of your child.

Accidents also cause tooth loss various times, or we suffer from gum disease or tooth decay issues. Tooth replacement intervention is quite expensive and inconvenient, but it’s good to get replaced instead of teeth-free gums. You can face various other health issues due to missing teeth.

Remember, the tooth loss age chart is not recommended for adults as in this age group, tooth loss issues occur after the pathologies.

Do you want to look like a zombie without teeth? SCARY!

It is justifiable that you also had tooth loss in childhood. But, how can you justify if it happens in adolescence or adulthood? We all realize how our bad diet habits affect teeth health. The thing that holds us back from preventing bad dietary habits is the lust for taste. Even a diabetic patient cannot show patience for sugary items. So, such bad self-control may pose a high risk of tooth loss. Similarly, you have to take care of your baby diet and don’t just rely on tooth loss age chart.

Before heading to the treatment guide, first, skim through the consequences of tooth loss.

Consequences of Tooth loss in adults


You can get toothless if you will not consider tooth-friendly habits and don’t visit the best dentists for regular checkups. Check below the complications; 


teeth placed in glass and submerged in salt solution


Slurred Speech


  • Teeth make up the correct structure of the mouth and create different ranges of sounds, so you can enjoy speaking.
  • When any tooth is missing, you encounter slurred speech and a lisp.
  • It also happens that you become unable to make certain sounds.


Improper bite


  • If tooth loss occurs in the back of your mouth, the bite changes slightly.
  • Don’t ignore slight changes because they can have huge effects on the mouth.
  • This slight bite change can cause TMJ disease and pain.
  • Uncomfortable jaw popping and headaches are common in such conditions.
  • When you will chew, the teeth will hit each other harshly. It can lead to an irritated or inflamed mouth.


Bone Loss


  • If you lose a tooth, the gap in the gums allows more and more bacteria to live in.
  • Your jaw will be eaten away because the bacteria will grow and develop in warm, protective surroundings.
  • Eventually, your bone encounters irreplaceable damage.
  • Factually, the bone you lost will not regrow, hence enough bone loss will put significant negative effects on the facial appearance and overall health.


More tooth loss


  • In addition to bone loss and bacterial growth, the worst can happen to the surrounding teeth as well.
  • It is because bacteria have a foothold to invade other parts of the mouth.
  • Usually, one missing tooth is the root cause of other decayed or missing teeth.


Uneven wear on other teeth


  • While chewing, when you alter the bite, even if there is no instant acute pain, it can cause rubbing of the teeth and wear unevenly.
  • It is problematic when you wear through the enamel and the underlying, sensitive dentin layer is exposed.
  • Factually exposed dentin layer causes more sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet foods. They are more prone to decay.


two dentists providing dental treatment for tooth loss

Guide to Treatment


Dr. Reeja published emergency management of tooth loss. According to him, it is better to reach a dental clinic if possible.

NHS explains different dental treatments where bridges and dentures are applicable in tooth loss conditions.




Your natural tooth line is not broken. You have lost a tooth!

Smile… No… Wait? Okay… I understand it hurts your personality. What about trying bridges?

Take it the same as a denture – it is an artificial tooth that will fill the vacant space in the gums.


a dental bridge in hand




Stay honest, do you have an old person in your community over age 80? I want you to interview them. Ask about their teeth. Many will say they have “fake teeth”.

Tooth loss may not require it. But what if you suffer teeth loss? Simple – go to the dentist.


dentures on surface

Tooth Loss Age Chart


When a child is born, it will have 20 primary teeth until first shed. Over the time, more teeth develops and the wisdom teeth come in last. The figure below is a tooth loss age chart that guides you about the primary teeth eruption and shedding ages.


tooth loss age chart
Picture obtained from: https://brookhavenchildrensdentistry.com/dental-eruption-schedule




Consult a dentist if you encounter any problems regarding your teeth that may lead to tooth loss. The best dentists also offer you services over the weekends if you wish for an appointment. Tooth loss age chart is a good helping material to track baby natural teeth loss time period. However, there can be some odds in your case, so don’t panic. If the odd ratio is high, consult a dentist. 

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