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List of common illnesses: 5 diseases

Can you guess the diseases in the list of common illnesses?

This blog presents common adolescent illnesses!

For a lady in her twenties, she probably believes that she doesn’t need to be concerned about health issues like paralysis and colon cancer just yet. However, new evidence suggests that they may influence you earlier than you believe.

According to recent studies, some illnesses associated with advanced age impact younger persons. While other individuals are heavily impacted by your actions/routine in their twenties and thirties.

Read on more to explore amazing facts about health.

Next given are diseases from the list of common illnesses.


A List of common illnesses

  • Hypertension

Hypertension is sometimes referred to as a silent killer and this is at the top of the list of common illnesses. That’s why most individuals with it don’t show any signs or symptoms, despite the fact that it damages the CVS, CNS, and kidneys.


a doctor checking blood pressure of a young girl


High blood pressure affects 7% of females between the ages of twenty and thirty-four. While the percentage may appear modest, the main concern is that adolescents are significantly less likely to be detected and treated.

High blood pressure, if is not cured/managed, can lead to heart problems later in life and is the major factor leading to strokes. Actually, simply controlling your BP lowers your vulnerability to paralysis by forty-eight percent. Like other diseases on the list of common illnesses, BP is a critical addition to the list.


  • High blood sugar levels


Probably, you can be diabetic, but you didn’t realize it. This is the situation for an expected 3.1M females in the USA who are likely unaware they have the condition. Why? Because they are asymptomatic.

Being overweight is another major contributor to diabetes risk. Obesity is at an all-time increase among younger generations. As a result, it is at the hype. The way many people live these days is to blame for Diabetes Mellitus and obesity being widespread. Irregular diet and prolonged sitting are important factors. This may further lead to the developing of a long and alarming list of common illnesses.


diabetes measuring instruments on table with a donut


When it concerns factors contributing to Diabetes Mellitus, Hispanic, African-American, and Native American women must be extremely cautious. This is due to the fact that they are more vulnerable to the disease. Women who get Diabetes Mellitus are more likely to develop heart disease.

During pregnancy, you can develop gestational diabetes, which is a type of diabetes. You’re 20% to 50% more probable to get Diabetes Mellitus in the future if you do. This means that following delivery, it’s critical to be checked for the disease more frequently.


  • Strokes


Early, it was documented that strokes are most common in those over sixty-five years. The latest research article discovered a 32% increase in strokes among females aged eighteen to thirty-two years old.


a man experiencing stroke symptoms


What’s causing the rise of diseases added to the list of common illnesses? Hypertension, increased blood sugar levels, abnormal lipid profiles, being overweight, and smoking are all risk factors for CVD in millennial females. If you’re pregnant or taking contraceptive tablets, any of them might increase your risk of stroke. Also, your risk is higher than a guy of your age. Women are more likely to develop autoimmune disorders like lupus and RA, associated with increased stroke risks.


  • Carcinoma in the colon and rectum


For the majority of people with cancer of the colon and rectum, the main risk factor is simply their age. However, we’re now witnessing a slight increase in the younger demographic, and we’re not sure why.

It’s important to note that colorectal carcinoma can strike people of all ages. Early symptoms include;

  • Blood in the stool
  • Change in bowel habits

colon cancer


Consultation is the first step to take. It is because colorectal cancer is less common in younger people, and there is typically a late diagnosis. Be alert on using medications suggested for piles treatment and not feeling relief. In this case, you should inquire with the doctor about the need for tests for cancer.

There might be a hereditary risk or cause, so go for screening tests. It is recommended that any of your parents or siblings encountered the disease before the age of 50. Also, for these common teenage illnesses, go for screening tests as early as possible.

  • Brain shrinkage


Although brain shrinkage may appear frightening, it is a natural component of the aging process. Certain circumstances, however, have been related to a sooner loss of brain capacity. Your brain may shrink more quickly than normal if you are hypertensive, diabetic, obese, or a smoker. Further, it affects your mental function.

The latest evidence support that improved cardio health practices in your 20s save your brain. If you work on improving your fitness and well-being status, you may keep your intellect in shape. Brain shrinkage appears to be a threatening disease on the list of common illnesses.


a sculpture marking brain parts - health issues affecting youth



That was all a short article to add important information to your knowledge on list of common illnesses. Are you young and worried about the diagnosis? Did you fight or ignored it? Tell us your story! We will listen and reply to your comments. Lastly, monitor the symptoms and lifestyle habits corresponding to health issues in youth. Female youth should not only work on health but also on realistic body goals female for an easy life.

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