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10 Years Of Experience As A Personal Trainer And Physiotherapist.

Working as a physiotherapist to manage disabilities is more tough than working as a personal trainer to improve a client’s physical fitness status. The most common experiences include ankle sprains, sciatica, adhesive capsulitis, stroke, and low back pain.

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It's good to listen to both compliments and critque.

"I had recurrent ankle sprains and wasn't sure if I can prevent them in the long term. She helped me get this confident that I can continue sports without worrying about ankle sprains. She did an amazing Job! Thank you Dr. I. T. PT. "
John Anderson
"I can't believe I shed 2 pounds in a week with a minimal exercise plan. Looking forward to stay with you longer so I can get in shape soon."
Emma Parker
"I was short on time for my some clients and referred them to her... Amazingly! They are so satisfied! Good Job Dear!"
Anna Berth

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